Things People Wished They'd Known Before Becoming A First-Time Parent

'Read, sing and talk to your baby from birth'.

When Imgur user Kindaoldkindanot posted a list of things he wished he’d known before becoming a parent, it prompted loads of others to share their own tips.

His list included babies being born with grayish/blue skin (don’t panic but do check with your doctor) and that breast milk doesn’t always start flowing until day two.

A big one was also about skin contact. He said newborns like to be held and it doesn’t ‘spoil’ them. He added: “If your baby is happy then don’t try to make them even more comfortable. You’ll likely make them cry because you changed what made them happy. I’m available if you have questions. Non-medical only.”

Other people also chimed in.

“If you have an emergency C section, pray you have a partner who can do everything for 36-48 hours because you aren’t moving for that long”.

“Baby will be quiet for the first week or so. This is a ruse, to make sure you get attached to it before it starts screaming all the time.”

“If baby poops out the top of the diaper, it’s not that it was a violent poop, it means the diaper is a size too small.”

“Newborns will sleep better with a white noise or womb noise generator. Also, a good swaddle will do wonders.”

“Read, sing and talk to your baby from birth. Narrate your day, tell them what you/baby is doing. trust me- they’re learning from this.”

“Baby boys can and will get erections. Just gave birth to a baby boy a month ago and saw this on day 3. It was rather shocking.”

Have you got any tips you’d like to share? Add in the comments below.