Apple iPhone: 8 Accidents Waiting To Happen Involving iPhone 7 Wireless Headphones

Be kind Apple.

The launch of the iPhone 7 proves what we already knew: Apple thinks we are all more responsible and adult than we actually are.

They already tried to push us to our limits with the hugely smashable iPhone 6 screen, and look how that ended up...

Now they want us to deal with wireless headphones, and quite honestly, we’re not sure we are quite up to the challenge.

So many potential hazards...

1. Running


2. Diving Into Your Tea Like Tom Daley At The Olympics

We’ll be fishing them out of there shortly.

3. Drains

Walking in public never felt so nerve-wracking.

4. Losing Them In Bed

Like looking for a needle in a haystack.

5. Heavy Snowfall

Camouflage in the worst way.

6. Public Transport

Because scrambling around on the floor during your commute really screams: “I’ve got my life together.”

7. Cooking

You mean you didn’t want headphones in your pasta sauce?

8. Public Toilets

Choose life. Choose wires.

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