14 Things You Only Know If You’re A Morning Person

Rise 'n shine everyone!

Everyone else moans if they have to wake up before midday, but you’ve always been a fan of the early hours.

It’s not like you leap out of bed at the crack of dawn, but you definitely know you’re going to be more productive before lunchtime, and would get serious FOMO if you wasted half a day sleeping.

Here are 14 things you only know if you’re a morning person.

1. Knowing the hassle-free hour before everyone wakes up is life.

2. Setting an alarm at the weekend so you don’t waste your morning.

3. Having your body pre-empt the alarm and wake you up anyway.

4. Feeling like a failure if you accidentally sleep in past nine o’clock.

5. Getting FOMO if you’re hungover and waste your morning.

6. Making a huge effort not to wake up your partner.

7. Getting bored and ‘accidentally’ making too much noise.

8. Knowing breakfast is the best meal of the day.

9. Being unable to understand people who have ‘brunch’ in the afternoon.

10. Feeling so smug when you get to the end of your to-do list by lunchtime.

11. Trying to keep down your enthusiasm levels around people who are night owls.

12. Having all your colleagues hate how chipper you are in the morning.

13. Knowing your attention levels drop off right after lunch.

14. Requiring coffee in the afternoon, not the morning.