04/09/2017 14:06 BST | Updated 04/09/2017 14:06 BST

Things You Only Know If You're The Middle Child

Princess Charlotte has a lot to learn.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child, meaning Princess Charlotte’s status as the baby of the family is about to change. 

Instead of being the cutie of the bunch, Charlotte is going to have to get used to being the middle child and hearing “middle child syndrome” references at every turn.

While being the second child doesn’t mean you’re destined to become a dysfunctional adult (thanks a lot, stereotypes), it does have its ups and downs. 

Here are 12 things only middle children will understand:

1. People constantly remind you you’re the middle child.


 2.  You’re never the first to do something. Ever.

3. You get the hand-me-downs while your parents spoil their “last child”.


 4. Your mum constantly calls you by your siblings’ names.

5. You spent your childhood trying to live up to the impossibly high standards your older sibling set.

6. Your younger sibling learned from your mistakes and did better than you both anyway. 

But it’s not all bad....

7. You can use “middle child syndrome” as an excuse every time you mess up.


8. You get to be the responsible older sibling and the silly younger sibling depending on your mood. 


9. There’s no pressure to provide your parents with grandkids.


10. Sibling nights out are the best (especially when you gang up on the youngest). 


11. You have two people who will always have your back.  


12. You’re not the cute one. You’re not the mature one. You’re just you.