Your Relationship With Bae Perfectly Illustrated By 13 Birds

BFF 4eva.

International Day of Friendship (30 July) is a time to reflect on those relationships we choose to have in our lives rather than enforced on us by blood.

The people who tell us tequila shots are a good idea, but are also there to hold our hair back when it all gets too much.

Without them in our lives, everything would be a little bit sadder.

Now go call your BFF.

1. When you see them for the first time in ages and can’t play it cool.

2. When you’re catching up on gossip and can’t believe what you’re hearing.

3. When you’re hungover and you phone them for comforting words.

4. When someone is rude about you, but they’ve got your back.

5. When you say you’re getting back with your ex and they stage an intervention.

6. When they are your facilitator for buying unnecessary shit.

7. When you’re trying a new look and they are supportive.

8. When you argue over something stupid but know the love is still there.

9. When you send 37 consecutive Whatsapp messages but they won’t reply.

10. When you make a bad joke but they laugh anyway.

11. When you need someone to do undercover Facebook stalking and they step up.

12. When someone starts to talk shit about them.

13. When your life is a mess and they f*** up to make you feel better.

Because that is true friendship.

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