This Dad Uses Photoshop To Turn His Son's Art Into Kooky Images

His 7-year-old's favorite piece is the “flying robot dinosaur."

If reality looked like Tom Curtis’ son’s art, we’d live in a pretty strange but awesome world.

Curtis, who lives near London, uses Photoshop on artwork his son, Dominic, makes to combine his drawings with reality. The dad has been adding these effects since Dominic was 5 and began posting them on an Instagram account called Things I Have Drawn when Dominic was 6. Dominic, now 7, creates eccentric animals, houses, boats and even people through art.

Curtis told The Huffington Post that he and Dominic often go out and take the specific photos that he later Photoshops to mimic his son’s art. Dominic loves seeing his dad’s final results, and his favorite one so far is the “flying robot dinosaur” ― for obvious reasons.

“Probably because of the fire out of his bum,” his dad said.

Curtis’ Instagram account that features his son’s art and his images has 48,000 followers as of Wednesday. He said the attention his work has received in the last week alone has been “a bit surreal.” He has also posted art from Dominic’s sibling, Alistair.

The creative dad wants the project to go beyond Dominic and Alistair by sparking creativity in all kids.

“This isn’t just about Dom and Al. There are loads of kids out there with a huge amount of talent,” he said. “I think creativity is under threat a bit and kids need to be encouraged.”

See more of posts from the Things I Have Drawn Instagram below.

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