This Dog Found A Box Of Tiny Abandoned Kittens And Became Their Foster Dad

Can't breathe, too cute.

Cats and dogs aren’t known for their companionship, but when a dog called Aragon found a box of abandoned kittens, he put their differences aside.

Aragon found the kittens when he was out walking with his owner, who volunteers at Greek animal charity SCARS.

According to the organisation, abandoned litters of kittens are a common thing in some areas of Greece.

“Within only a month, SCARS has rescued more than 25 kittens, all abandoned in the same way. Aragon is an adopted dog. His mum is a SCARS volunteer who lives near the mountain of Immitos,” the charity wrote on YouTube.

“Almost every day she finds empty cardboard boxes on the mountain (sometimes with the blankets and the toys still inside), but no animals. Within a few hours [of being] abandoned, kittens, puppies, bunnies and even birds become the dinner of a hungry fox (the most common predator on the mountains near Athens). This time, the kittens were lucky.”

Aragon’s owner had a camera ready on their walk because she was planning to create a video about the huge number of animals abandoned in the area.

She was surprised when Aragon started pulling towards the box. He’s since taken on the role of foster dad and can be seen snuggling up with the kittens in the video.

“Basically he was the rescuer and he has been an excellent foster dad since day one,” the charity said.

“The kittens are ready for their forever homes. If you wish to adopt them, please email SCARS at: or message the charity’s Facebook page.”

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