24/03/2020 07:00 GMT | Updated 26/03/2021 15:32 GMT

49 Times This Morning Outdid Itself In The Ridiculous Stakes

Truly the TV gift that keeps on giving.

With the majority of us working from home at the moment, lots of us are turning to daytime TV to keep us both informed and entertained.

The go-to daytime show is This Morning, which is enjoying some of its highest ever ratings. We’re sure it’s just on in the background while everyone toils away though.

We’re reliving some of the show’s more surreal moments by counting up all the times it outdid itself in the ridiculous stakes... 

1. When this pensioner revealed she got through “a whole tube of KY Jelly” on the first night with her toyboy fiancé


2. When Alison Hammond accidentally pushed a man into the Albert Dock


3. When a woman married her dog in a live ceremony conducted by Alison, and attended by Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes

4. Not the strangest incident involving a dog on the show, however


5. When The Speakmans helped someone with their most unusual phobia yet


6. When Holly and Phil met “Britain’s sexiest cow”

7. When Brendan Blethyn’s dog could not control his urges


8. When a singing donkey refused to co-operate

9. When Ainsley Harriot scared the living daylights out of a pensioner called Jill


10. When Alison met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and had zero chill


11. When the show got a little too swept up in Fifty Shades fever


12. When Holly and Phil whipped out a paddling pool for their mermaid guest


13. When a pony took an actual dump in the studio


14. When a whole segment of the show was dedicated to this


15. The entirety of The Wizard Of Oz-themed Halloween special


16. When Holly and Phil royally cocked up a competition by calling the wrong winner


17. When Phil and Holly completely lost it at these rude kids’ drawings

18. When they did a feature on sex positions for the elderly, complete with live demonstrations


19. When Alison tripped and fell on a giant inflatable, and then couldn’t get up


20. Almost as brilliant as the time she got stuck on a door knob

21. When the show investigated this very important matter


22. When Alison nearly got arrested while presenting live from Pisa

23. When Phillip went head-to-head with Kim Woodburn


24. When this happened


25. When Alison had an exclusive interview with the UK’s European Tree Of The Year nominee


26. When they invited a young girl along to do her impression of Big Ben


27. When Holly fell hook, line and sinker for Phil’s April Fool’s Day prank


28. When someone in the production team had to cut a mircopenis out of paper

29. Likewise, when the man with the world’s biggest penis came on the show


30. When this teenager debuted his impressive collection of hoovers

31. When Alison Hammond braved the ski slopes (with obvious results)

32. When they tried to help this poor soul out


33. When Gino D’Acampo cooked completely naked in the kitchen


34. When they managed to stretch this out for an entire seven-minute segment


35. When Holly and Phil had a close call with a pair of skunks that paid a visit to the studio


36. When Holly and Phil got to grips with the nation’s favourite sex toys


37. When this woman appeared and the nation collectively said, “Yeah, same”


38. When Holly got up close and personal with this lady

39. When this woman tried to predict the future by chucking asparagus around

40. And they later employed the services of Marcus The Mystic Pig to predict the World Cup results


41. When Tinky Winky, Dispy, Laa Laa and Po sat down for a chat with Holly and Phil


42. When a feathered friend ran amok in the studio


43. When this motley crew dropped by


44. When Uri Geller tried (and ultimately) failed to stop Brexit 


45. When this lady opened up about her paranormal love life

46. When Alison Hammond had Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in stitches during the most iconic interview ever


47. When this woman’s life flashed before her eyes


48. When Alison Hammond boarded a lifeboat

49. And of course, no This Morning round up would be complete without a bit of dunking beef, would it?

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