07/04/2017 15:42 BST

This Woman Matches Her Outfits To Art And It's Giving Us Instagram Goals


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could wear your favourite pieces of art?

Well, just like a chameleon, Michelle Satterlee blends and matches her fashion choices to her favourite artwork. 

Satterlee, who runs her own art gallery in Sacramento, set up an Instagram account in 2015, @dressedtomatch, to share her sartorial-meets-art snaps. 

“For me, it’s a passion project that allows me to be creative,” Satterlee told Fashionista.

“I don’t paint, but I have a degree in art history, and I know so much about art. I have a huge appreciation for it, so this is kind of like my method of making art.”

And it all started by sheer coincidence back in 2013 when Satterlee turned up to an art event wearing a designer dress that matched a piece of art. 

Inspired by it, she turned it into a hobby and now deliberately coordinates her outfits to art while out and about. 

Satterlee even regrams friends and followers who are doing the same. 

“Everyone loves things that match or inherently blend into one another, it’s very pleasing on the eye. I think that’s what people are attracted to,” Satterlee said.

“It brings a different level of attention to the art itself. I think it brings art off the wall. It makes it conversational and less intimidating.”

Here are a few of our favourite snaps so far:

Blue diamond 💎 #dressedtomatch 📷: @elizabethxchen ・・・ #joyfull #lovelyday #blue 💙

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