This Woman Walked 600 Miles To Deliver Messages Of Peace For Syrian Refugees

"We have more power than we think."

A London woman walked 600 miles across Europe to hand deliver messages of peace to the UN, supporting the end of the Syrian war.

Katherine Davies trekked from London to Geneva to present the messages, which she gathered in person and via social media, to Staffan de Mistura, UN Special Envoy for Syria.

"Syrian families are starving. Children are being bombed, hospitals. This horrific tragedy touches us all," Davies said. "Along the walk it was very moving to witness everyone`s reactions, no matter who they were, their age, occupation, preoccupations, once I explained message4peace. They would stop what they were doing, add a message and share how they were very disturbed by the suffering of Syrians."

She added: The walk was also revealing in what it taught me about personal power and our connection to the world around us. People too readily give their power away.

"They think there’s nothing they can do. But we have more power than we think."