Tiger King Star Joe Exotic ‘Over The Moon’ At New-Found Fame As Brand New Episode Is Confirmed

The mulleted, gun-toting breakout star of the Netflix hit is currently serving 22 years in prison.

Tiger King star Joe Exotic is “happier than he has ever been” after finding fame in Netflix’s hugely successful documentary series, its director has said.

Tiger King follows the mulleted, gun-toting polygamist and country-western singer as he breeds exotic animals while running an Oklahoma zoo.

Tiger King star Joe Exotic
Tiger King star Joe Exotic

Joe – real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage – is serving 22 years in prison for plotting to have animal rights activist Carole Baskin murdered, following his conviction last year.

The pair had been locked in a long-running feud over the latter’s alleged mistreatment of animals.

Rebecca Chaiklin, who co-directed Tiger King with Eric Goode, told the PA news agency that its breakout star was “over the moon” about his newfound fame.

Asked whether they stayed in touch with the characters featured in the show, she said: “I must get 30 phone calls a day and texts and Eric maybe even more so. There is a lot of communication going on.

“Most characters are super happy. The Rick Kirkhams, the Josh Dials, the Saffs – and then there are other characters who are probably less happy with the way they were portrayed.

“I mean, Joe is over the moon. I really mean over the moon.

“Even though he is locked in this horrible prison, he’s happier than he has ever been in his life, because he is finally famous.

“It is the most bizarre twist of all to me, the psychology of it. It’s bizarre.”

Courtesy of NETFLIX

The eighth instalment, titled The Tiger King And I, will arrive on the streaming service on April 12.

Hosted by comedian Joel McHale, it will include interviews with stars from the show including John Reinke, Joshua Dial, John Finlay, Saff, Erik Cowie, Rick Kirkman, and Jeff and Lauren Lowe.

In a video announcing the episode, Joel said: “I talk to a lot of people involved in the project.

“To see what’s happened in their lives since the release of the series. It’s eye-opening and, hopefully, funny.”

On Wednesday Donald Trump responded to calls for a pardon amid online claims Joe Exotic was innocent of trying to have Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin killed.

“I’ll take a look,” the president joked during a press conference.