29/03/2016 14:45 BST

5 Surprising Facts Tim Peake Revealed In His First Live Broadcast

What Tim Peake misses the most in space is an odd one.

Tim Peake's first live broadcast revealed a few fresh facts that might surprise even the most avid space fan.

Speaking to Sky News from the International Space Station, the British astronaut answered questions from children, students and journalists about the journey so far.

 Here are the questions that got the most surprising answers.

1. What do you miss the most while you are in space? 

Tim Peake said he missed the colour green and fresh air. Describing how his former colleague, Scott Kelly, posted a lot pictures with green after returning to Earth, Peake commented how "we don't have a lot of green" up here. 

2. What has been harder to cope with, mental or physical challenges? 

Before describing his challenges, Peake gave a firm nod to the training he has received in preparation for the mission. "Our training is so good," he said. 

However, he added the space walk was a tough challenge and noted how it is very easy to lose things aboard the ISS due to microgravity. 

3. What experiments will have the greatest impact?

This question gave Peake an opportunity to discuss how the science carried out in space will touch Earth. Medical research, the astronaut said, will have the biggest impact citing how experiments aboard the space station could help explain why viruses are more virulent in space. This could essentially allows us to develop more effective treatments. 

4. How many yards could you hit a golf ball in the space station?

 Peake's said you could get the ball to travel for around 75 metres before it bumped into the side of the space station. 

 5. Is this the first of many trips?

When asked if space is "like a drug," Peake told Sky News: 

"I certainly hope there are a few more flights to come,

"It certainly is very addictive. It's great to be up here - it's a wonderful experience."