11 Times The Great British Bake Off Summed Up Our Own Cooking Pain

Can we just order a takeaway?

Prep your ovens bakers, The Great British Bake Off is back - returning to BBC One on Wednesday 24 August.

Although the contestants can nail technical bakes we can’t even begin to pronounce, they don’t always get it right.

And when they mess up, they make us feel so much better about our own soggy bottoms.

1. When you don’t have the correct utensil so you just make do with what you’ve got to hand.

2. When the recipe says add alcohol and you just want to have a drink.

3. When you just want to eat it all before it’s cooked because you have zero willpower.

4. When you just wanted to make your grandma a birthday cake but you got a little carried away and your family take the piss.

5. When it doesn’t look quite how it looks in the book.

6. When you remember you didn’t add the baking powder but it is all too late.

7. When you got too cocky and deviated from the recipe, and now you have no idea how to fix it.

8. When you know you’re ruining a national dish but you’re powerless to stop it.

9. When you smell burning but want to live in denial.

10. When you remember where you left that missing utensil.

11. When you wonder why you didn’t just buy it from M&S and pass it off as your own.