12 Times Bridget Jones Was All Of Us

Number of current boyfriends: zero.

Ever since she first hit the big screen in 2001, Bridget Jones has been making us feel a little less sad about our own single lives, one pair of giant underwear at a time.

So to honour the UK release of Bridget Jones’s Baby on 16 September, we are reminiscing about all the times Bridget Jones really was all of us.

1. When She Was Single AF

2. When She Chose Comfort Over Sex Appeal

3. When She Just Got It

4. When She Knew How To Spend A Thursday Night

5. When She Embodied Our Entire Social Life

6. When Her Career Wasn’t Heading In The Direction She Hoped

7. When She Used Her Gym Membership Once A Year

8. When She Was Fed Up Of Microwave Meals For One

9. When She Didn’t Like What She Saw

10. When She Couldn’t Deal With The Morning After

11. When She Understood That Washing Up Is Too Much Hassle

12. When She Made A Lot of Questionable Life Choices

Bridget you are our spirit animal.