10/11/2020 15:57 GMT

The Times's Cartoon Trolls Trump Over The Chaos It Suggests He's Leaving Behind For Biden

The president-elect faces an epic mess, including a discarded MAGA cap and a bottle of bleach, in Morten Morland's artwork.

President-elect Joe Biden faces quite the cleanup in a cartoon published by the Times on Monday.

Morten Morland, the political cartoonist at the newspaper, depicted the mess that Donald Trump has wrought on the Oval Office with this image that has since gone viral on Twitter:

A Trump Make America Great Again cap lies discarded on the floor near bottles of spray tan, golf clubs, a ripped-up copy of the Constitution and a mobile phone with Twitter’s logo on its screen.

There’s also a bottle of bleach, referencing Trump’s bonkers suggestion during a press briefing in April that injecting disinfectant could be a cure for Covid-19, a hair dryer, soda cans, fast food containers, a Confederate flag and a large lump under the rug.

Morland marked Trump’s 2016 election victory with this cartoon for right-leaning magazine The Spectator:

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