14 Times Kids Hilariously Interrupted The News

Kids know how to really spice up an interview.

No one knows how to spice up a news broadcast like a small child.

Over the years, there have been several viral moments when kids interrupted or completely derailed on-camera interviews, weather reports and more.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites:

1. The adorable kids who infamously crashed their dad’s BBC interview.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you likely saw the mega-viral clip of Marion and James Kelly interrupting their father, Professor Robert Kelly, during his interview with the BBC.

2. The little boy who hijacked the Saturday night forecast.

Mississippi meteorologist Patrick Ellis was in the midst of the Saturday night forecast when a little boy named Houston, whose father was in the studio for a later broadcast, wandered into the frame and made some predictions about “farts” and “toots.”

3. The toddler who couldn’t sit still.

A U.K. toddler caused chaos during an ITV News program while her mother and brother were being interviewed by newscaster Alastair Stewart.

4. The refugee boy who interrupted a CNN broadcast.

A young refugee interrupted CNN’s Arwa Damon’s live broadcast from Leros, Greece.

5. The NBA player’s daughter who stole the show during his post-game press conference.

Steph Curry’s daughter Riley famously upstaged her dad during a post-game press conference. She went on to make many more appearances.

6. The kid who interrupted his mom’s weather report.

Tennessee meteorologist Heather Haley brought her sons and nephew to work with her and let them briefly say hello on-camera, but her younger son, Logan, wouldn’t let her go back to work once his moment in the spotlight was up.

7. The kids who had a brush with fame.

Irish reporter Paul Reynolds faced a group of disruptive kids during an evening news broadcast.

8. The rabbi’s son who disrupted his dad’s Hanukkah presentation.

In 1979, a rabbi from the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation appeared on a live TV broadcast with his family to talk about Hanukkah. However, one of his sons, had other plans ... like making silly faces.

9. The 4-year-old who giggled through his mom’s BBC interview.

A 4-year-old boy named Harry in the U.K. wouldn’t stop laughing and running in circles as his mother talked about his liver transplant on “BBC Breakfast.”

10. The little girl who interrupted her dad’s traffic report.

A little girl crashed her newscaster dad’s traffic segment, but it seems all she wanted was to be held.

11. The breastfeeding baby who made a surprise appearance.

Rachel Sklar almost got away with secretly breastfeeding her baby on-air with CBC News ... until a little hand appeared on the screen.

12. The boy who interrupted a soccer player’s interview.

A young boy interrupted Brazilian soccer player Casemiro’s post-game interview to ask for his shirt.

13. The kid who really wanted to grab the mic.

A pediatrician and dad speaking at a news conference about gay marriage had to deal with a lot of interruptions from his fidgety son.

14. The famous soccer player’s son who made a heroic appearance during his dad’s TV interview.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son sported a Superman costume when he stepped into his dad’s interview. We’d like to think journalist Clark Kent would approve.

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