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If You Could Tell Your 15-Year-Old Self Anything, Would This Be It?

Hindsight is a treacherous mirror.

Nobody would argue that your teenage years are easy, navigating the perils of puberty, parents, and of course the opposite sex.

It is certainly a steep learning curve.

Now Reddit users have shared the things the wisdom they would most like to share with their 15-year-old self, to save embarrassment, awkwardness and ultimately make it all that little bit easier. 

If only we had that time machine...

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1. School Disco

“When Sarah asks you to dance at your first middle school dance you went to alone, the wrong response is ‘Sorry, I don’t dance’.”

- Dalek1234

2. Bathroom Habits

“Quit taking so long to jerk off in the bathroom. Everyone knows what you’re doing in there.”

- The_Him

3. Homework

“I know history class is dumb, but just do your homework you little shit head.”

- caterham09

4. Dating

“You should ask her out before you fall head over heels for her, or you’ll come across as creepy.”

- LivingOnTheGedge

5. The Lottery

“16-19-32-34-57-13 for the powerball on January 9th, 2016. Have fun being a billionaire.”

- Fallofcliffman

6. Investment

“Buy Apple stock with you inheritance. Use profits to buy bitcoin.”

- Fiftyfootmidget

7. PE Class

“Stop malingering in PE class and use the time well for this. There will come a time when you will pay a lot of money to take athletic classes to keep you in shape.”


8. Being Bullied

“The kids who bully you at school really aren’t the only people who you have to impress or that have to like you. They never will like you. And guess what - that’s actually ok. There are others who will.”


9. Falling In Love

“This age is way too young to start freaking out about this and let it make you think you’re unloveable. It breeds desperation which is the most powerful social repellant.”


10. Being A Geek

“It’s ok to be a geek. Not only is it who you are, but if you embrace it it will mean you’ll learn exciting stuff and go to a great uni and get degrees you’ll enjoy doing.”


11. Hairstyles 

“Cut your hair.”

- Onehourago

12. Sexuality

“You are gay. And it is just fine. It will be rough for the next few years, but you will meet people that come into your life and make it so amazing, I can’t even tell you. You will have a chosen family, because sometimes our families are not ok with who we are. That’s on them, not you.”


13. Carbohydrates

“CARBS ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND. Seriously y no one tell me subway you lied to me..”

- speckled_

14. Growing facial hair 

“Never trim your beard or shave when it starts to get itchy. Suffer through it for a couple weeks and you’ll start to get that manly mountain man look.”


15. Failure  

“Don’t be afraid of failure. You’re going to fail often. Learn from it, keep moving forward and don’t give up. Eventually you’ll find your way and fuck yeah bro, you’re going to like this.”


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