16 Tips For Dealing With Heartbreak, As Told By Reddit

'Don’t look them up on social media.'
Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Heartbreak is the worst. You sit around, you cry a lot and your appetite either disappears off the face of the Earth or arrives in full force making you crave all the sweet things (hello ice cream, my old friend).

Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof method for dealing with a broken heart. However there are some things you can do to make life a little bit brighter.

1. “Invest in you, think of a skill you always wished you could have but never seemed possible.”

2. “Allow yourself to be sad for a while - try not to fight how you feel. Take a good amount of time to be single and feel good as just yourself again. You will feel good again! ‘This too shall pass’ as they say.”

3. “Zero contact. Don’t look them up on social media at all, no matter how tempting.”

4. “Step 1. Buy dog. Step 2. Buy more dogs. Step 3. Leave for an hour, come home and enjoy all the kisses.”

5. “Time, complemented with alcohol, friends and the gym. It’s a combination that’s yet to fail for me.”

6. “Picking up a couple of new hobbies helps distract your mind and gives you a goal that you can aim for, so even if you think things aren’t going well, you can take a step back and see you’re still succeeding at something.

7. “Appreciate it. You’ll only feel that bad a few times in your life, if you’re lucky. It’s one milepost on the continuum of emotions experienced by human beings.”

8. “If you have pets, spend some time with them. Watch them follow you around the house, beg for your attention, and other pet stuff. Realise that you’re still very lovable to these intelligent and sweet creatures even though that person didn’t feel the same way. If you don’t have pets, use friends or family. If none of that works, then do a self-love day. Anything to remind yourself that there will be someone else because you’re capable of love/like/contentment.”

9. “Just keep yourself busy, don’t sit around and think about it.”

10. “Random sex and plenty of alcohol.”

11. “Ask yourself: Do you really want to be with a person who doesn’t want to be with you?”

12. “Try to focus on yourself and doing things to make each day happy rather than doing things purely in an attempt to show your ex that you’re happy. Big distinction to be made there.”

13. “Try to see it as a learning experience. I don’t know what happened, but neither of us can change the past so learn from it.”

14. “Exercise. it’s a solid antidepressant and once it starts to click that you’re doing something good for yourself, it’ll start to feel better and better.”

15. “Control what you can about your environment so you are less likely to wallow or increase your sadness. Change the song, even if it reminds you of happy times or if the lyrics perfectly fit. Drive a new way to work so you don’t pass their mom’s house. Watch conspiracy theory documentaries instead of a romantic comedy.”

16. “Listen to 808s and Heartbreak. It fixes everything.”