09/10/2017 10:51 BST

When A Toddler Humiliated His Mum In Starbucks, A Stranger Helped Her See The Silver Lining

'Could there be anything worse?'

A mum has shared the moment her toddler embarrassed her in the Starbucks queue, but all was not lost as she ended up with a free coffee.

Mary Katherine Backstrom, from the US, who blogs at Mom Babble, explained she had forgotten lunch that day and her toddler hadn’t had his nap - not a great combination.

“I walk up to the barista, order a nuclear dose of caffeine, a snack for the kiddo, and then I feel a cool breeze,” the mum wrote on Facebook. “On my butt.”

It didn’t take Backstrom long to realise her son had not only lifted up her dress, but was also wearing it like a hat with her “granny panties and dimpled behind flashing for the entire world to see”. 

Not only did Backstrom have her skirt lifted up, but she explained her son then wrapped his head up in her skirt so that he couldn’t breathe.

″‘MUMMY I CANT BWEEEETH’ he shouted, all the while my butt is showing and the barista wants me to complete my order,” she wrote.

“Now pause. My son’s head is literally stuck against my butt, shrink-wrapped like a lollipop, and he’s panicking because he might just die back there and, really: Could there be anything worse?”

She managed to rescue her son - who she calls ‘Nugget’ - from under her dress in time to pay for the coffee she had ordered.

But during the kerfuffle, Backstrom was told her tab had actually been covered.

The barista told her: “The man said to tell you that ‘he’s a fan’”.

Despite not knowing what the man was a “fan” of (with guesses it could be her parenting, her blog, or perhaps just her behind), it was a welcome gesture.

“Thank you, kind sir,” the mum wrote. “The latte was especially delicious with my humble pie.”

Backstrom’s post had nearly 4,000 likes and she was praised for sharing one of the more comical moments of parenting.

“You gotta put announcements on these posts like *do not eat or drink or have the need to urinate when reading this*,” one mum wrote. “I feel so bad for you, but at the same time I’m laughing hysterically. So sorry!”

Another commented: “Epic way to get free coffee. May I borrow your Nugget? I promise to wear shorts under my dress.”

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