03/03/2017 09:55 GMT | Updated 17/03/2017 09:44 GMT

Toddler Runs Riot During Live ITV News Interview In Scenes That Will Look All Too Familiar To Parents

What a cheeky chappy.

A toddler who ran riot during a live interview about his bionic arm created a TV moment all parents will be able to relate to.

Sol Smith-Ryan had to have his arm amputated shortly after birth when doctors discovered a blood clot in his arm.

His dad, Ben Ryan, wanted his son to get a prosthetic limb as soon as possible, but was told he wouldn’t be able to get one until he was three.

So, Ryan decided to make one himself. During an ITV interview discussing his incredible creation with Alastair Stewart, Ryan’s two-year-old son decided he didn’t want to sit still. 


Sol had originally been sitting on his dad’s lap for the beginning of the interview, but he  didn’t want to stay put. 

“He’s a little lad and he’s been running around,” the ITV interviewer said to camera. 

And rather than make a big deal of it, Stewart let the toddler run around the desk while they carried on chatting about his bionic arm (which, by the way, is incredible).

And so Sol had a great time running in front of the camera.


Having a little rest on the side of the stage.


And then getting his close-up. 


And viewers were loving his cheekiness.

Meanwhile, Ryan explained how he set about watching YouTube tutorials to teach himself how he could create a bionic arm for his son.

In just a year, he worked with a 3D printer at Bangor University to create his first prototype and shortly after fitted his son with the arm. Ryan is now appealing for £150,000 on his crowdfunding page to launch the bionic arm on the market.

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