Olympic Swimmers Tom Dean And Matthew Richards Struggle To Keep It Together Over Clare Balding’s ‘Third Leg’ Comment

Oooooh matron!

What do you get when you cross Clare Balding interviewing two Olympic gold medalist swimmers on live TV and one massive double entendre?

Giggles, that’s what.

Clare was speaking with Tom Dean and Matthew Richards shortly after the pair helped their team to gold in the 4x200m men’s freestyle in Tokyo on Wednesday, when she properly put her foot in it.

Or should that be leg?

“You’re 18 years old, it’s your first Olympics, and you swam - honestly, your third leg was just phenomenal,” Clare enthused.

Clare was referring to Matthew swimming third in the four-leg relay for the British team, but her comment did not go unnoticed by the two young Olympic stars who could barely stifle their giggles.

It’s not big and it’s not clever, but try telling Twitter that...

Earlier this week, Tom and Matthew’s Team GB teammate Adam Peaty also had a bit of a moment during a live interview with the BBC when he dropped not one, but two F-bombs.

Speaking to the BBC, seconds after after his triumph in the 100-metre breaststroke final, Adam turned the air blue.