31/07/2017 14:00 BST

Tom Fletcher Shares Instagram Photo Showing Where He And Wife Giovanna Wake Up And It's All To Real For Parents

'This is very refreshing to see.' 🙌

Tom Fletcher’s latest Instagram photo proves celebrity parents go through the same struggles as any other parent when it comes to getting their kids to sleep.

The McFly singer, 32, who is dad to three-year-old Buzz and one-year-old Buddy with his wife Giovanna Fletcher, posted a photo of his and Giovanna’s empty bed, along with two photos showing where they actually wake up. 

“Where we should wake up every day vs. where we actually wake up,” Fletcher captioned the photo on Monday 31 July.

″@mrsgifletcher in one kid’s room on the floor and I in the other.”

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Fletcher’s honesty about the less glamorous side of parenting was praised by his fans.

“Thank you for your honesty,” one person wrote. “We have done this as a family countless times and some people think we are mad parents doing these acts for our children, but we always felt it was out of love.”

Another commented: “Same here last night with my nearly two-year-old who still doesn’t sleep through. At least I know I’m not alone.”

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Another person wrote: “This is very refreshing to see.

“You hear so many people say their child sleeps through the night and it makes you feel a bit crap when you still have to lay with your four-year-old to get her to sleep whilst hubby lays with the three-year-old.

“Keep up the good work you two.”

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