29/04/2017 11:47 BST | Updated 29/04/2017 13:53 BST

Here's Why Tom Hanks Keeps Buying Coffee Machines For The White House Press Corps

"It's as simple as that."

Tom Hanks has revealed why he tries to keep the White House press corps caffeinated by repeatedly sending them new coffee machines.

“I’ve done that for Democrats and Republican administrations because those poor bastards need coffee,” the Academy Award-winning actor told “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert on Friday. “It’s as simple as that.”

Hanks sent the first machine to reporters during former President George W. Bush’s administration, following a tour of the White House alongside his young children.

During the tour, he said he was surprised to see six bored reporters on standby in the press room in case any major news broke — despite the president not being around.

After spotting the reporters’ “scaggy” Mr. Coffee maker, he decided to support them in their fight for “Truth, Justice and the American Way” and upgrade their facilities.

Hanks supplied the press corps with a second machine in 2010, and sent the latest edition to them in March this year.

He did suggest, however, that coffee from the newest maker may be being regularly spit onto journalist’s laps as they receive news of what President Donald Trump and his administration have been up to now.