Tom Hardy's Valentine's Day Bedtime Story Is Here So Who Cares About Actual Plans

We'll skip the overpriced meal and petrol station flowers, thanks.

Ever get the feeling your your Valentine’s Day is lacking a little something? And that something is Tom Hardy? Us too, readers, us too.

While this prayer usually goes unanswered, the wonderful beings at Cbeebies have fixed things for 2017, and we are delighted to be able to draw your attention to this video, of the film star reading a special bedtime story.

See the actor giving a preview below, before watching the full clip on iPlayer here.

Is this *technically* for children? Yes. Is that going to stop us from watching and listening on repeat? No.

In recent weeks, ‘Taboo’ has meant that we’ve seen a lot of Tom’s tough, violent and vengeful protagonist James Delaney, but thanks to this new clip, we have a timely reminder that he’s an all-round good guy really.

And yes, his loyal canine pal Woodstock is also back again.

This is the second time Tom has read a story for the Cbeebies show, the first time being on New Year’s Eve.

Other celebrities to have taken part include David Tennant, Nadiya Hussain and James McAvoy.

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