02/04/2016 10:55 BST

Tom Hiddleston Presents The Weather (With Plenty Of 'Thor' References') And It's Brilliant

'The god of thunder has brought his skill set to bear'.

Breakfast TV viewers in Chicago got a special treat earlier this week, when Tom Hiddleston rocked up to present the weather.

Tom gave an impromptu weather report on Fox 32, a news station where he was due to be interviewed, all while in character as his ‘Thor’ role Loki (though, regrettably, without his costume).

Joking about an impending storm, he remarked: “My brother from another mother has been misbehaving… all that means is that [he] has taken his hammer and smashed it on the surface of the sky.

“It’s going to rain a hell of a lot, so good luck with that.”

Fox 32

Strangely, this is the second superhero-influenced weather report we’ve seen in recent times, thanks to Channel 5 News presenter Sian Welby.

To commemorate the release of ‘Batman vs. Superman’, she managed to squeeze no fewer than 20 puns based on the superhero crossover film into her minute-long segment last Friday.

These ranged from the impressive (‘sun will struggle to dent the cloud’ is a subtle nod to the franchise), to the… well…  slightly less impressive (‘rain will Affleck Northern Ireland and Western Scotland’ was not exactly a high-point, was it?).

Weather reports with a twist are clearly the ‘in thing’ right now, as last month sports presenter Sean Fletcher won praise from ‘Good Morning Britain’ viewers when he was forced to step in and front the weather coverage at the last minute, due to a satellite error.

Tom Hiddleston will be returning as Loki in the next instalment in the ever-successful ‘Thor’ franchise, ‘Ragnarok’, currently slated for release on 3 November 2017.

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