09/02/2021 16:58 GMT

Tom Holland Gets Real About Virtual Press Interviews In Trouser-Less Instagram Snap

"It's fashion."

We’re just going to be honest with you here. In the early days of lockdown our shift from regular clothes to near-permanent pyjamas was an almost-immediate one, and we’ve never looked back.

To be frank, our idea of getting dressed up these days basically involves digging out two matching socks, so we’re happy to see we’re not the only ones for whom wearing anything other than the comfiest of loungewear is a foreign concept.

British actor Tom Holland is currently promoting his new Apple TV+ film Cherry, which would usually mean being flown all over the world, appearing on every talk show going and getting glammed up at every possible opportunity.

These days, though, the Spider-Man actor is doing the whole thing from home – and that apparently means the dress code is “trousers optional”.

Jeff Spicer via Getty Images
Tom Holland pictured at the Onward premiere last year, back when he still wore trousers

Posting to his Instagram Story on Tuesday, Tom shared a photo of himself in the middle of a promotional interview in a suit jacket and shirt, looking very smart indeed.

At least from the waist up, that is.

Proving he wasn’t going to making any more effort than was absolutely necessary, Tom also revealed he was doing the whole interview without any trousers on, joking: “Virtual press be like… it’s fashion.”

Tom Holland/Instagram
A mood.

Still, at least he’s being honest about his approach to comfortable fashion.

Last year, US news presenter Will Reeve was caught out when he inadvertently revealed he’d paired his suit jacket with a rather less formal pair of shorts, in the middle of a live broadcast.