22/02/2017 12:53 GMT | Updated 23/02/2017 00:49 GMT

Tom Watson Performs A Celebratory Dab After Jeremy Corbyn's PMQs Zinger

He admits: 'I may have inadvertently done one.'

Move over, Ed Balls - Labour has a new Lord of the Dance. 

Tom Watson must have made political history today by performing a celebratory ‘dab’ after Jeremy Corbyn stung Theresa May with a question on the NHS. 

The pair had been sparring at Prime Minister’s Questions when Corbyn asked: 

“It seems to me that some Members don’t want to be concerned about the fact that there are 1.2 million elderly people not getting the care that they need.

“The legacy of her government will be blighting our NHS for decades - fewer hospitals, fewer A&E depts, fewer nurses, and fewer people getting the care they need.

“We need a government that puts the NHS first and will invest in our NHS.”

As Corbyn sat down, a wide camera-shot appeared to show Watson doing the dab to hammer home Corbyn’s fierce barb.

Twitter immediately went into overdrive, with speculation about whether the move was ‘unparliamentary’.


Answering the flurry of speculation about his dancing, Watson told HuffPost UK after PMQs:

Did I do a dab? I’ve been doing them with my kids in the holidays so I may have inadvertently done one

The Press Association describes the ‘dab’ as “a gesture which involves raising one arm and hiding your face as if you are about to sneeze”.