30/08/2018 12:11 BST

The Top Toys For Christmas 2018 As Predicted By John Lewis

Get a head start before the mad rush begins 😏


We know it’s only August but the Christmas toy predictions are rolling in and there’s no way of hiding from them. Some parents like getting ahead of the game, while others prefer to wait until we hit December before thinking about the festive season. 

If you’re in the former group, you’ll be pleased to know John Lewis has already released their top 10 Christmas toy predictions for 2018.

The retailer said it anticipates high demand from parents for active toys, with the augmented reality Nerf Laser, scooters and I-Top spinners expected to be among the most sought after gifts. “We’re seeing growing demand for toys which encourage kids to get active,” said Harry Boughton, Toy Buyer, at John Lewis. “Parents are telling us that they want to buy toys which encourage their children to spend less time looking at a screen, and more time playing games that get them moving.”

Most of the toys won’t be available in store and online until autumn 2018, but you can have an early peek at what they look like in the gallery below. 

  • 1. I-Top
    1. I-Top
    An electronic spinning top that counts the number of revolutions and keeps track of scores so you can try and beat each other. 
    Price: £14.99
  • 2. Nerf Laser Alpha
    2. Nerf Laser Alpha
    The latest in the Nerf guns, where you can play head-to-head battles. Each blaster fires single-shot bursts and they register with lights and sounds.
    Price: £29.99 - £49.99
  • 3. John Lewis My First Scooter
    3. John Lewis My First Scooter
    The latest scooter from John Lewis has a low deck for stability and is suitable from kids age three and upwards.
    Price: £49.99
  • 4. LEGO Technics Bugatti Chiron
    4. LEGO Technics Bugatti Chiron
    Build your own LEGO supercar, with a whopping 3,599 pieces.
    Price: £329.99
  • 5. Ricky The Trick Lovin’ Pup – Furreal Buzz
    5. Ricky The Trick Lovin’ Pup – Furreal Buzz
    This dog can perform cool tricks: he flips his bone, shakes his paws, and can even bark a tune. 
    Price: £134.99
  • 6. Mini Waitrose Supermarket
    6. Mini Waitrose Supermarket
    Your kids can play "shops" at their very own Waitrose supermarket. 
    Price: £45.00
  • 7. Mini John Lewis Kitchen
    7. Mini John Lewis Kitchen
    Teach the little ones their way round a kitchen with this mini delight. 
    Price: £59.00
  • 8. LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train
    8. LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train
    Kids can build and create their own train set, then become the train driver with the push and go motor on this LEGO creation.
    Price: £99.99
  • 9. GraviTrax
    9. GraviTrax
    John Lewis
    This toy allows kids to freestyle and build their own track design, then work out if the gravity spheres are stopping or flying off before reaching the end target. It’s an innovative toy to encourage kids to get into STEM. 
    Price: £49.99
  • 10. Tech Will Save Us Coder Kit
    10. Tech Will Save Us Coder Kit
    Kids will get to learn new skills with this toy that can be coded in infinite ways to create different light patterns.
    Price: £54.99