Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns Blasts Theresa May's Brexit Plan To Her Face During PMQs

'At what point was it decided that Brexit means ‘Remain’?'

The deep splits in the Conservative Party were once again exposed on Wednesday as Tory MPs took pot shots at each other during PMQs.

Theresa May narrowly avoided a humiliating defeat on her Brexit plan in the Commons last night in a series of high stakes votes.

But Andrea Jenkyns, the pro-Brexit Tory MP for Morley and Outwood, launched an immediate attack today on the prime minister. “At what point was it decided that Brexit means ‘Remain’?” she asked.

May told her in reply: “At absolutely no point, because Brexit continues to mean Brexit.”

Keith Simpson, the MP for Broadland, used his question to take a swipe at Boris Johnson, who quit as foreign secretary earlier this month.

The pro-EU backbencher said May should be “commended” for having to deal with “a giant ego, somebody who believes that truth is fake news, leaks continually”.

Simpson added wryly: “I am not referring here to the Rt. Hon. Member for Uxbridge (Johnson) I am of course referring to President Trump.”

While David T.C Davies, who backed the ‘Leave’ campaign, said his fellow Tory MPs should “stop the fear-mongering” and support the prime minister’s proposals.

Speaking during PMQs, Jeremy Corbyn said May’s government had “sunk into a mire of chaos and division”.

The Labour leader said the agreement the Cabinet reached at Chequers that was “supposed to unite the Cabinet led to the Cabinet falling apart within 48 hours”.

May will face Tory MPs again today when she addresses a meeting of the 1922 Committee of backbenchers in the evening.