23/01/2019 14:28 GMT | Updated 23/01/2019 14:29 GMT

Tory MPs Appear To Mock Michael Fabricant's Hair During PMQs

"It's a wig."

A Tory MP has hit back claims he wears a wig after Conservative colleagues were caught on camera appearing to make fun of him.

Michael Fabricant’s famous golden hair got some TV time on Wednesday when he asked Theresa May a question during PMQs.

As he spoke, business minister Kelly Tolhurst and Bexhill and Battle MP Huw Merriman whispered to each other.

To many watching, Merriman appeared to point at Fabricant and mouth “it’s a wig”.

In response, Fabricant said Merriman must be “a little short-sighted” to make such an accusation.