‘Trainspotting Live’ Was Monday Night's Surprise TV Hit

We're not kidding. It was TV gold.

BBC Four have found themselves with a TV hit on their hands, thanks to Monday (11 July) night’s ‘Trainspotting Live’, which delighted viewers.

It’s fair to say that British politics has been somewhat draining in recent weeks, so what could be better than sitting down to watch an hour-long, live show on our locomotive network instead?

In short: nothing.

Let’s start with this clip of two train enthusiasts in Doncaster reacting to the surprise arrival of the 66779 Evening Star:

See what we mean? It’s impossible to be sad after watching that.

Thanks to the fact one of the presenters was called Dick, there were also innuendos that would make the ‘Bake Off’ team blush:

Naturally, the programme was a huge hit on Twitter, as the internet took great pleasure in watching the hosts enthuse over a form of transport we all take for granted:

Many also got involved by sending in their own trainspotting videos:

To paraphrase Gregg Wallace, Britain doesn’t get better than this.

‘Trainspotting Live’ returns tonight (Tuesday 12 July), on BBC Four at 8pm. Catch up on episode one here.