8 Tweets That Sum Up The Struggle Of Transeasonal Dressing


Autumn is officially here and that should mean layers of wool, cashmere and other fabrics that are not compatible with sweaty summer months.

Instead we pendulum back and forth between freezing cold and wondering whether we can legitimately put a bikini on.

As these eight tweets prove, the struggle is real.

1. It’s finally October, the knitwear is coming out in full force.

2. Turns out the weather didn’t get the memo.

3. Weather, are you ok hun?

4. Confusion sets in and you make terrible, impulsive decisions.

5. Lots of misguided decisions.

6. The same decisions that come back to haunt you around lunchtime.

7. You wonder how anyone else is coping with this hellish limbo.

8. You resort to the only option left available to you.