The Trump Tower Climber Is All A Big Joke For Twitter Users

Probably just trying to catch Pokémon.

A 20-year-old man who attempted to scale Trump Tower in New York City with suction cups on Wednesday has become a social media sensation.

He was able to reach the 21st story of the 58-story tower on Fifth Avenue before being pulled inside by police officers.

At a news conference later the New York Police Department said the unidentified man did not express a desire to harm anyone and said his mission was to get a meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Throughout the ordeal, which lasted several hours, Twitter users were offering hilarious commentary.

Reports of the climber first surfaced on Twitter at around 4pm local time. The police then tried to coax him inside, first by throwing a rope in his direction and then by opening a large grate directly above him.

In a video that was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, the man discussed climbing the tower in a message addressed to Trump. He wore a black hooded sweatshirt and long hair was over his eyes. He referred to himself as an “independent researcher” seeking a private audience with Trump to discuss an unspecified important matter.

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