09/11/2016 14:24 GMT | Updated 09/11/2016 15:08 GMT

Trump Won Big Among Voters Who Didn't Like Either Candidate

Voters who felt neither was honest also favoured Trump.

JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Donald Trump won by 20 points among voters who disliked both candidates, exit polls show.

Data from CNN’s Edison national election poll, which is based on a sample of 24,537 respondents at 350 polling stations, found voters with a bad opinion of both candidates favoured Trump by 20 points.


Trump also lead by 5 points among the 29% of voters polled who thought neither candidate was honest.


Among those who felt neither Hillary Clinton nor Trump were qualified to serve as president, 69% voted for Trump, while 15% voted for Clinton.


Voters who thought neither candidate had the right temperament for President of the US voted predominantly for Trump, leading those who voted for Clinton by 59 points.


The exit polls also showed Trump’s win was boosted by the turnout of white voters, who voted 58% for Trump and 37% for Clinton. 74% of non-whites voted for Clinton and 21% for Trump.