13/05/2018 22:29 BST | Updated 14/05/2018 09:03 BST

TV BAFTAs 2018: Sue Perkins's Opening Monologue Falls Flat With Viewers

It didn't seem like the audience rated it much either.

Sue Perkins got the TV BAFTAs off to an awkward start on Sunday (13 May) night, after her opening monologue fell flat.

Despite tackling a range of topics such as the gender pay gap, lack of female representation on screen and the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal, the presenter’s quips failed to draw many laughs from people watching at home. 

Those on Twitter also noted how the audience at the Royal Festival Hall didn’t seem to rate it much either, with many jokes failing to land in the room. 

However, there were some who did enjoy it, praising Sue for tackling some of the tougher issues. 

Whatever people thought of her opening monologue, Sue seemed to win everyone over later in the evening with a savage joke about Olly Murs

After BBC News correspondent Kate Adie was awarded the BAFTA Fellowship for her war zone reporting, Sue referenced the singer’s infamous tweets he sent during last year’s Oxford Street terror scare

“You just don’t get disaster zone reporting like that anymore. Well, not unless Olly Murs is trapped inside Selfridges that is,” she quipped. 

Watch Sue’s opening monologue in full in the video above...

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