12 Tweets That Are Way Too Real For Children Of Divorced Parents

'Yeah, but don't you get two Christmases?'

Growing up with divorced parents is a special type of family dynamic - two houses, two families, two Christmas trees.

And although the situation inevitably has ups and downs, there are just so many things that children of non-broken families could never understand.

1. When you have to explain your location every 2 minutes.

2. When you learn to live out of a rucksack.

3. When you inevitably leave something essential behind at the other house.

4. When your post is distributed across the country.

5. When you have to draw people a family tree.

6. When people ask who you prefer.

7. When you remember all the times they’ve tried to win your affection with presents and bribes.

8. When one parent starts talking about the other one.

9. When your mum pulls out the ultimate threat.

10. When they simply can’t help themselves.

11. When other people moan about their unbroken families.

12. And try to tell you that you’ve got it better.

And two times the amount of festive arguments.

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