19 Tweets That Sum Up Our Complicated Relationship With Marmite

Do you love it or hate it?

Twitter is divided. The nation is in meltdown. It’s like the EU referendum has happened all over again.

But this time, the controversy segregating Britain is not the future of our country, it’s Marmite.

The controversial spread is no longer being sold online by Tesco and there is a product shortage in stores. This comes following an alleged row between Tesco and Marmite makers Unilever.

Unilever reportedly demanded a 10% price rise for the product due to the falling value of the pound, but Tesco is having none of it.

On Twitter the news of #MarmiteGate has been met with mixed reactions, and we’re not remotely surprised.

There’s only one way to describe our relationship with Marmite: it’s complicated.

Some people are emotionally attached to Marmite.

Some love it so much they’ll put it with anything.

And some want Marmite at their funeral.

But others couldn’t agree less about Marmite.

Some think Marmite resembles actual poo.

And some think it should be banned everywhere.

We’re so divided we’ve started using ‘Marmite’ as an adjective.

While some (freaks of nature) are on the fence about Marmite.

But most of us sit firmly in one camp.

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