19/11/2016 13:50 GMT

Twickenham's Heath Road On Lockdown After Man Hurls Bricks At Police

Offender asked police for chocolate bars and water.

A man reportedly throwing bricks from a roof is in a stand-off with police.

Officers were called to Heath Road in Twickenham, south-west London, shortly before 5am on Saturday and found a man, in his 30s, with a head injury.

After they arrived a man climbed on to the roof of a building and started throwing objects, police said, adding that people should avoid the area.

Heath Road is closed. 

Heath Road in Twickenham is in lockdown after a man began throwing bricks at police from a roof

Thousands of rugby fans are expected to descend on Twickenham on Saturday for the England v Fiji match.

Neighbours reported windows had been smashed and said they could not leave the area.

Chelsea tweeted: “Going on six hours and there’s a man still chucking bricks from our roof. Four smashed windows and still not allowed to leave”.

She added that the man had made requests for chocolate bars and water, and threatened to throw roof tiles.

Eyewitness Jonathan Hodder described the situation as “chaos” for locals.

He said: “Not a lot has changed (since it began), other than local residents waking to the chaos of not being able to go about their Saturdays.

“Add the rugby traffic on top of that and it should make for an interesting few hours.”

The injured man was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries.