26/08/2021 11:40 BST

Why Is Twitter Raving About #BinSpace?

Everyone was up in arms about the council's bin collection timetables on Wednesday night.

PAUL ELLIS via Getty Images
A 'Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council" logo is pictured on an overflowing wheelie bin on July 15, 2020

Twitter spaces took off on Wednesday as users flocked to the have live audio conversations about...bins. No, really.

The new public feature on the social media platform enables up to 13 people to be able to speak on a Space at any given time, but plenty more can listen in.

In fact 1300 people turned up to listen late into Wednesday night.

Turns out, the best way to unite users was to start a Space about bin collections – it was so popular, #BinSpace started trending in the UK.

People started airing their serious grievances about the problems with their local council, ranging from the lack of recycling bins to the cost and frequency of collections.

One account tweeted: “Listening to this space is the epitome of British adulting for me.

“I thought I was coming in as a joke, but I’m now furious at my council.”

While it may have started off as a joke to people entering the Space, professionals working within the industry contributed to the discussion and shone a light on some of the more pressing issues.

Many couldn’t quite believe how much bin collection ranged from council to council.

There were also some...interesting...accounts listening in to the space.

Even though serious issues were raised, hilarity of the situation was not lost on many Twitter users.

Some accounts pointed out that it was a better kind of public forum, suggesting it was a new and improved version of Question Time.

It also doesn’t look like this will be a one-off, with a handful of accounts looking forward to the next virtual forum.