Twitter Users Know Exactly Who Got The Last Laugh Over Tucker Carlson's Exit

Someone just got their sweet revenge.

The exact reasons for Tucker Carlson’s unexpected exit from Fox News on Monday remain a mystery along the media landscape, but some Twitter users have a hilarious theory: the green M&M.

You might remember that back in 2022, Carlson had a meltdown over M&M’s decision to have the candy mascot ditch her go-go boots for “cool, laid-back sneakers to reflect her effortless confidence.”

Carlson felt that the new design made the green M&M look “less sexy.”

The TV host’s ire for the candies continued earlier this year thanks to a new promotional wrapper featuring three female “spokescandies,” including the green, brown and a new purple M&M.

“The green M&M got her boots back, but apparently is now a lesbian, maybe?” he said. “And there’s also a plus-sized, obese purple M&M, so we’re gonna cover that, of course. Because that’s what we do.”

M&M’s milked the controversy by turning it into a Super Bowl publicity stunt, temporarily “canceling” the candies and replacing them with Maya Rudolph.

Considering the “history” between Carlson and the green M&M, maybe it’s no surprise that she became a prime suspect for Carlson’s cancellation among Twitter wits.

But Twitter user @JoJoFromJerz may have won the social media platform with a tweet that tied the Green M&M to a famous “Game of Thrones” reference.

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