UK's Greenest Cities Revealed, With Scotland Leading The Way For Eco-Living

Ranked on factors such as air quality, London didn't even make top 10.

Eco-warriors looking to make a move should seriously consider Scotland, as three of its major cities have been revealed among the UK’s greenest.

Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow are the ‘greenest’ major cities in the UK, according to a new study by providers of commercial recycling and waste services, First Mile.

Experts analysed various factors to determine the most thriving locations when it came to going ‘green’. These included electric vehicle charging points, recycling (per capita), green space, air quality and pollution levels, reduction of plastic use and fast-fashion consumption.

georgeclerk via Getty Images

Broken down per category, the research revealed that Edinburgh is the best major city for green space and low pollution levels. Aberdeen performed the best for air quality, while Glasgow residents were the most likely to be reducing their plastic use.

York topped the list for England. It was found to have the most household and non-household refuse sent for recycling (per capita), and residents also had the lowest disposable fashion consumption of all cities analysed.

But London didn’t even make the top 10, ranking at number 11. Air pollution is the city’s biggest downfall despite efforts to reduce it. It does redeem itself when it comes its market share of electric vehicle charging points, however.

Top 10 ‘Greenest’ Cities:

1. Edinburgh

2. Aberdeen

3. Glasgow

4. York

5. Oxford

6. Bristol

7. Newcastle

8. Leeds

9. Sheffield

10. Birmingham

Bruce Bratley, founder and chief executive of First Mile, said: “Scotland stands head and shoulders above other countries when it comes to being green in the UK and our research helped crown Edinburgh as the UK’s ‘Greenest’ city.”

“With the right education, focus and support, we are confident that the UK will continue to become an eco-friendlier nation in the coming years. Now that we are into the new year, it’s a great time for all of us, businesses and consumers alike, to make a more conscious effort.”