11/04/2018 12:03 BST | Updated 11/04/2018 12:07 BST

UK Weather Forecast Predicts It Will Be Hotter Than Greece This Weekend

Here it comes...

If the leaden skies and murky damp have left you feeling Spring has been a bit of a cheerless exercise so far, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

A breakthrough in the weather will arrive this weekend – making parts of the UK hotter than Greece - though there are a few more dismal days to endure before then.  

So far this week has seen the eastern side of the country shrouded under the gloom of a dreary easterly wind, bringing with it mist, low cloud and rain.

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At last.... sunshine is headed our way 

Though the western parts of the country are bathed in sunshine – with Cumbria and the Lake District looking particularly fine at present – we’ll be keeping with that easterly wind well into Thursday too.

Temperatures will remain well below average for this time of year, with the North East only just managing a sickly 6C, instead of the expected 10-11C.

By Friday there will be a visible shift however, with southern and central areas of the country brightening up throughout the day.

Though the rise in temperatures will trigger some showers, the mercury will see a mighty surge in the south, hitting 17/18C in London and the south east and creeping up to 8C in Newcastle.

By Saturday the easterly winds coming over the cold North Sea will shift, bringing air up from the south and with it most of the sunshine.

Parts of the south east could hit 22C – bringing heat on a par with the western Greek island of Kefalonia – though further west it will be cloudier and breezier, with patches of rain at times.  

Come Sunday the eastern side of the country will still be warm, though dropping a few degrees to around 18/20C. The west will stay breezy with patches of rain.

This trend will continue into next week as the wind continues to blow in from the south and south west, leaving temperatures in the high teens.