11/10/2017 12:06 BST | Updated 11/10/2017 17:06 BST

UK Weather Forecast: Temperatures To Reach 24C This Weekend Thanks To Scorching Spanish Sun

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It may have felt as if autumn is well and truly underway, but some parts of the UK are set to experience temperatures up to 24C (75F) this weekend. 

The balmy weather is thanks to scorching temperatures in the Mediterranean, with warm air from these areas expected to hit the south-east on Friday. 

“It will be a little bit milder over the weekend,” said Met Office spokesperson Oli Claydon. “Temperatures could reach potentially up to 23C (73F), with some spots in the south east experiencing 24C (75F).” 

Areas in Wales could also see the mercury reaching around 20C (68F) in places. 

PA Archive/PA Images
Temperatures could reach up to 24C this weekend 

Claydon continued: “There’s some very warm weather in Spain and Portugal - up to 36C (97F) in places like Seville by the end of the week.

“Our weather flow at the end of the week is coming from the south, with quite a mobile situation bringing up a number of low pressure systems, which are then helping to drag warmer air up from the south. 

“This will give us temperatures above average by the end of the week.” 

But it’s not all good news - those in the north-west are expected to largely miss out on the warm spell.

“There’s very much a north-west/ south-east split,” Claydon explained. 

“The further north and west you go, the greater chance of getting some cloud and bands of rain that are going to push in from the north-west as well.”

He added: “So although it will be mild, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be bright blue skies and no rain for everyone.” 

Average October temperatures are usually around 13C (55F), but this figure takes into account much chillier weather at the end of the month.