09/02/2018 11:52 GMT

UK Weather: Forecasters Predict A Snowy, Rainy And Windy Weekend

We haven't yet weathered the worst.

If you were hoping you’d weathered the worst of the winter so far, we’ve got some bad news for you.

Snow, rain and wind are set to continue this weekend and the nights will be widely freezing.

However, yellow snow and ice warnings for Scotland, the North Wales and the Midlands will expire by noon on Friday, with the rest of the day a largely improving picture.

It will be dry nearly everywhere thanks to a ridge of high pressure coming from the East. London could see the mercury tip 7C, with the North scraping through with a reasonable 4-5C.

Come the night, temperatures could drop to -8C in rural parts of Scotland, with widespread frosts, especially in Eastern and central areas.

On Saturday a front of heavy rain will be sweeping East from North West Scotland, with South West England and Southern Wales particularly set for a soaking. Snow is expected to fall on the hills in Scotland.

High winds are expected, and while no warnings have been issued as yet, that may well change. Despite this, there will be a brief interlude of slightly milder weather, with highs of 12C expected in the South West and 8C in the North.

Again it will freezing overnight, with lows of -4C in Scotland and a blast of Polar maritime air on Sunday will bring a blustery day of sunshine and showers.

Weather warnings are in effect and sleet and rain are expected widely across the UK. Snow flurries are forecast for the South, with highs of 7C in the South West and 4C in the North.