University Challenge Viewers Are Obsessed With Jesus College Contestant Sam Fairbrother

Who else would dare to wear a sleeveless shirt in the presence of Jeremy Paxman?

University Challenge contestants are known for being eccentric, but every so often someone comes along who exceeds all expectations.

Enter Sam Fairbrother.

Rocking a black sleeveless T-shirt and a nineties-inspired bowl cut, Jesus College, Cambridge’s Fairbrother quickly became the hero University Challenge fans never knew they needed.

But it was not just his bold fashion choice that gained the student supporters.

Viewers also loved drawing comparisons between Fairbrother and a number of celebrity lookalikes.

Even the way he bid viewers good night had fans begging for more Fairbrother.

Luckily, Jesus College beat Queens’ College Cambridge 195-155 points, so Fairbrother will be back on our TV sets soon.

Any guesses on what he will be wearing?

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