03/08/2017 12:01 BST | Updated 03/08/2017 15:11 BST

University Challenge Stars Eric Monkman And Bobby Seagull Are Getting Their Own Show


Eric Monkman and his pal Bobby Seagull are finally getting their own show 

It’s the moment University Challenge fans across the globe have been waiting for - Eric Monkman and Bobby Seagull are FINALLY getting their own show. 

For those not glued to the quiz show every Monday night, the pair were the breakout stars of last season, gathering a huge social media fandom over the course of the series. 

While Seagull’s cheeky grin, amazing name and supportive leadership won him scores of devotees, viewers could not get over Monkman’s bellowing voice, incredible enthusiasm or his striking similarity to Coronation Street’s Roy Cropper. 

But it was the pair’s incredible bromance that really cemented their place in our hearts. 

Eric Monkman
A bromance for the ages 

Despite being captains of opposing Cambridge University teams, with Monkman’s Wolfson College knocking Seagull and his Emmanuel College teammates out of the semi-final, they never let the competition get in the way of their friendship. 

“Okay, so there needs to be some sort of TV programme on this beautiful bromance,” one viewer told the du on social media at the time. “I’m just not ready to let the two of you go!” 

Well, the wait ends now.  

The brainy twosome are back with a BBC Radio 4 show titled ‘Monkman and Seagull’s Polymathic Adventure’. 

(For those of us without a similarly high IQ, a polymath is a “person of wide knowledge or learning”.) 

Joined by THE Stephen Fry, the impossibly clever trio will ask: ‘Who was the last man who knew everything?’

Our reaction to the news 

Set to air at 8.30pm on Monday August 21, they will also explore whether it’s even possible to be a useful polymath.

Seagull, who is currently teaching maths at a secondary school in Cambridge, told HuffPost UK that he and Eric “have a natural curiosity and enjoy learning”. 

“We look into polymaths, people with wide knowledge and learning, and explore whether there is a useful role for this type of person,” he said. 

“On this journey, we meet academics to discuss the idea and chat to one of our favourite all-rounders (and former University Challenge contestant), Mr Stephen Fry.

“We were very professional and didn’t ask for autographs in interview!” Seagull added. 

Unsurprisingly, University Challenge fans were very excited by the news:  

But that’s not all - the boys have another big surprise for fans later this year. 

“Eric and I are working on a quiz book together that we’re publishing with an independent press called Eyewear,” Seagull announced.

“The book will be out on 1st November, so not long to wait!” 

“It’s been such great fun getting to know each other throughout the University Challenge recording and broadcasting process and beyond. We’ve become top pals and it’s a friendship that will continue to grow and develop!” 

Monkman and Seagull’s Polymathic Adventure will air on BBC Radio on August 21 at 8.30pm.