31/10/2016 14:25 GMT | Updated 31/10/2016 16:10 GMT

9 Things Only University Of Lincoln Students Understand

Please don't bring up The Inbetweeners.

1. Steep Hill isn’t actually that steep. But you will still avoid it at all costs. 

You won't catch any savvy Lincoln students in this photo

2. The Lincoln Sausage Festival isn’t what it sounds like. 

If you haven't tried a Lincolnshire sausage, are you really a Lincoln student? 

Get your mind out of the gutter, people. 


3. The swans are in charge of literally everything. 

Kathryn Yengel
Don't get on the wrong side of these bad boys

4. You’re the luckiest students in the UK when it comes to graduation locations.  

Nigels Europe Beyond
So. Much. Love. 

 5. Everyone will laugh when they find the “Glory Hole”. 

Matt Brown
Absolute filth 

 It’s a street in Lincoln. Seriously, guys. 


6. After a hard day at uni, you will find everyone in the Tower Bars.  

Henry Burrows
Perfect after a long day of lectures 

7. You know you go to the “real” university in the city. 

Moign Khawaja
Home sweet home 

Keep on walking, Bishop Grosseteste - we all know who is going to win the next Cathedral Cup. 


8. If you tell someone you go to Lincoln Uni, they will inevitably bring up The Inbetweeners.  

We love the Inbetweeners - when they aren't dragging our name through the mud 

 You know the scene we are talking about. 


9. A takeaway from Efe’s Kebab is a five-star meal after a night out.  

Rob Lawson via Getty Images
Is there a more wondrous sight after a beer (or six)?