US Election Results: Sarah Palin Celebrates US And UK 'Hooking Up, Going Rogue And Taking Back Control'

Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice presidential candidate, has celebrated the United States and United Kingdom “hooking up and going rogue” as she reacted to news Donald Trump looked to be on course to win the presidency.

Drawing comparisons between the Republican victory and the Brexit vote, Palin said “the people are going to take back control of our governance”.

The phrase “take back control” was the main campaigning slogan of the ‘Leave’ campaign during the EU referendum. “Going Rogue” was the name of Palin’s memoir.

Speaking to Sky News in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Palin said the Trump movement and the Brexit movement was “exactly” the same.

“We don’t want this globalism. We can’t be telling other countries how to sweep their porches if we can’t sweep our own. We’ve got to take care of whats going on here within our borders just like you all have done.”

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