US Presidential Debate: Aleppo Children Pose Questions - 'When Will They Lift The Siege?'

'When will you start protecting us?'

“Don’t you think it’s wrong that little children are dying?”

“When will you start protecting us from the planes?”

These aren’t questions you will hear tonight at the final debate of the US Presidential election, when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face each other for the last time before the election.

The fighting in Aleppo, war-torn Syria’s second city, is not a hot topic in this election.

In the past 25 days, at least 130 children have been killed there.

This Huffington Post video shows the children of the city pitching the questions they would ask if they were at the Las Vegas debate.

Whoever is elected president will have the power to intervene in Syria’s civil war.

One of the children says: “Stop the planes. Stop the shooting. End the siege.”