10/03/2017 15:15 GMT | Updated 10/03/2017 15:15 GMT

Model With Cat Eye Syndrome Stars In Inspirational Nick Knight Photoshoot For V Magazine

We're in awe 🙌

In the world of fashion it pays to be unique and V Magazine’s new photoshoot with model Caitin Stickels manages to do just that while also being inspirational. 

Photographed by one of fashion’s favourites Nick Knight, Stickels - who has a rare condition called Schmid–Fraccaro syndrome or Cat Eye Syndrome - proudly shows off her body disfigurements. 

Nick Knight/V Magazine

Born with the chromosomal disorder that can affect several areas of the body (and vary widely) - from abnormalities of the eyes, ears and heart - Stickels hasn’t let that stop her from realising her dreams. 

Knight - who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Kate Moss and Lady Gaga, came across Stickels’ Instagram account and reached out to collaborate. 

Featured in this month’s issue of the magazine, Stickels models luxury fashion brands such as Gucci, Nina Ricci, Alexander McQueen and Prada with stunning success - whilst showing off her incredible tattoos

Nick Knight/V Magazine

Styled by Jacob K - with make up by Laura Dominique, hair by Martin Cullen and nails by Kate Cutler - the shoot was live streamed across social media too. 

Stickels has written about her experience, very openly and honestly, for the magazine, admitting she’s been a fan and follower of both Knight and the mag for years.

“Despite my admiration, I never imagined what it could be like to work with Nick Knight even with him being an incredible and unforgettable icon to me,” she wrote.

“I just never gave myself the chance. All the while, Nick Knight saw what I have been doing on my own accord and he gave me the chance that I never gave myself, as did V.”

Nick Knight / V Magazine

“This is why I loved them both from the beginning when I was young and still do now—they opened eyes, they opened minds, and they gave this world a chance,” Stickels continued.

“They both have done the same with me and I’m still processing that it’s now my reality too. This collaboration has been the most beautiful whirlwind of my life.”

Nick Knight / V Magazine
Nick Knight / V Magazine
Nick Knight / V Magazine